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RX Art Benefit

RxArt, an organazation that works to to put original contemporary art in hospital rooms held its annual benefit this month, honoring Dan Colen’s permanent installation for King’s County Hospital Pediatrics. The event raised more than $250,000 to support the organization’s mission. As the many arts patrons and artists such as Neville Wakefield, Olympia Scarry, and [...]

Miami Basel Highlight Wrap-Up

Above photo: Rick Ross signing a photograph of himself by Jonathan Mannion at AE Gallery Saturday, December 2 on South Beach saw the Phillips du Pury charity auction at The Webster benefiting the Playgrounds Around The World charity. Artworks by Ryan McGinley, Dan Colen and the late Dash Snow hung on the walls, the first time [...]

Luxury Cowboy

In light of this past season’s collaboration with Gerard Malanga, Adam Kimmel’s decision to hire Jim Krantz, who used to shoot for Marlboro (as in the cigarette), is hardly surprising.  Kimmel sent Krantz down to the same Utah ranch he had used to photograph the Marlboro Man ads to shoot artist (and Kimmel regular) Dan [...]

Screentesting, again

Gerard Malanga, once a close friend and right-hand-man of Warhol’s, has collaborated with designer Adam Kimmel on a new video project in homage to — who else? — his late companion. Unabashedly entitled Screentest, the project was envisioned as a part of Kimmel’s Fall/Winter 2009 presentation in Paris, and sees Malanga, in an extension of [...]