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It’s a Friends, Friends of Friends, and Family Affair

Starting September 21 (today), founders and fellow up-staters, Jon Santos of Common Space Studio and artist Peter Coffin, will host an experiential three-day event at Camp Lakota, in Wurtsboro, NY. Usually a sleep-away summer camp for kids, Camp Lakota’s slogan is,”Where Friendships Begin!” and there is no doubt many adult ones will be forged while participating in the creative, educational, and gastronomical [...]

Sight Unseen Shop

SightUnseen, the online magazine devoted to all things design-y, has just launched their latest project, a shop featuring wearable art objects handmade from unusual materials such as copper, rope, powder coated steel, cork, silk, leather, and on and on. So far the artists are mostly known for other endeavors, like Iacoli & McAllister who make [...]