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Magazine Party

Over the last few months, our friend Jill Bradshaw (formerly of I Heart) has been putting together a new side project, Magazine Party. An extension of Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party, Magazine Party aims to hold back from that technically slick feel that defines so many modern publications. Instead it takes a more DIY approach, focusing on [...]

The Selby Takes Paris

On April 1st, the much-anticipated “The Selby is in your Place” show opened at Colette, Paris’ unrivaled bastion of all things cool. Members of the art, fashion, music and design worlds mixed and mingled while browsing the paintings, photographs and illustrated interviews that comprise the show. Photographer Todd Selby was on-site to sign copies of [...]

Domestic Bliss

Do people keep asking you if you’ve seen The Selby yet? Of course they do. Todd Selby’s online photo archive of environmental portraiture in the homes of intriguing gadabouts is pure eye candy. Many of the atmospheres — from New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, London, Paris, and Tulum (Mexico) — feature abundant collections and themes [...]