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Domino Kirke In Conversation

Domino Kirke is a woman of many talents. A classically trained singer, she fronted an eponymous band back in 2006 that toured with Lily Allen on Mark Ronson’s label, Allido. Then Domino met Morgan, a busker at the Union Street train station, and gave birth to their son, Cass, altering the trajectory of her life. [...]

You In 1st Place

2 Chainz’s Birthday Song (explicit) and Chairlift’s I Belong In Your Arms (Japanese version) are two videos that have exactly nothing to do with one another except for the fact that they  both came out Thursday and are what I am watching on repeat. Thanks to the help of my friend Alison Mazur, who has made us this [...]

Get Chairlifted

Chairlift is totally at it again. They’re famous for making the first video to use data-moshing, Evident Utensil (even before Kanye could drop his similar technology video) as well as making the most amazing Justin Beiber remixed video, where they imposed their own song onto his video seamlessly, essentially making Beiber lip-synch Chairlift. This time [...]

Shape Shifting. George as Jorge.

If you’re thinking, “that dude looks like he’s from the eighties,” it’s because the man you are watching perform is — but the song he is singing is not. Caroline Polachek, the lead singer of Chairlift, edited and re-shot the newest music video by fellow Brooklyn band Violens using purely vintage footage of George Michael. [...]

Chairlift live at the Journal

A few days shy of embarking on an extensive North American/European tour, Brooklyn’s Chairlift stopped by The Journal’s Williamsburg gallery to play a short, sweet and semi-secret show. Admittedly, I had been skeptical of the recent Columbia signees, but listening to Caroline Polachek sing “I’m feeling great tonight” from soon-to-be-reissued debut Does You Inspire You [...]