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Dossier x Worth Motorcycle Company

For the launch of our tenth issue, we at Dossier wanted to do something a little more meaningful than throwing just one more party during fashion week. Instead, we decided to channel our resources into organizing a charity art auction. The organization that is benefiting, Worth Motorcycle Company, is a new non-profit that teaches New [...]

Head of a Lover, Waist of Traitor, and Legs of a Friend

Caris Reid is one of the most creative people around. She creates, curates, writes, dances, sings, sends coded messages and does all sorts of cool things (including contribute to Dossier.) When we put on an week-long party during fashion week and asked everyone to host an event, Caris was one of the first to respond [...]

The Female Gaze

Dossier Contributing Editor Caris Reid has curated a portfolio for the art site Paddle8. The portfolio, which posted today, is on the subject of the female gaze – specifically, the intimate female gaze turned onto men. Caris had recently started a series of paintings that deal with the male body and male beauty when the [...]

Even Brighter Than The Moon Moon Moon

Fireworks are a funny thing. They celebrate and illuminate and gather people together on the streets and in fields and make them stare at the sky. I’m all for staring at the sky, and this year a week or so before the 4th, I had the idea to have people share with us their firework [...]

Dossier Issue 7 Launch

On Thursday, May 12 we celebrated the launch of Dossier Issue No. 7 on the roof deck at the New Museum with the support of Vans, music by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear and Neon Indian, drinks by Kombucha Brooklyn, limited edition totes bags by Pamela Love and Caris Reid and a showing of the [...]


Our friend Caris Reid has a playful new personal project called Whoroscope (taken from a poem by Samuel Beckett, who shares her birthday) that’s geared towards finding the inner whore in herself, her friends, and friends of friends. She’s making portraits of Victorian and 1920′s whores that correspond to each zodiac sign. The theme of the [...]

Full Moon Rising

Tonight, Friday, February 18, brings the full moon and the opening night of All That Is Unseen, curated by Dossier contributing editor Caris Reid and Meg O’Rourke. The exhibit focuses on metaphysical themes and the idea that what is unseen is eternal. The exhibit includes works by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Agnieszka Brzezanska, Christine Corday, Tony [...]

Lady Luck

Living in New York for the last fourteen years, I have amassed a really wonderful group of smart, talented, and supportive female friends. Unfortunately, our varied professions and scattered personal lives make it difficult to get together (as a group) on a regular basis. In fact, I think we talk about it more over emails, [...]

Homecoming Memories

During the hustle and bustle of fashion week, Homecoming was an amazing five day pop-up event that offered the creative community of downtown New York a place to call home. Programming was curated by Dossier, with a portrait studio by Dan Martensen and a space designd by Peter Klein. Sponsorship was thanks to Vans with [...]


Thisartist.tv is a project whereby we can watch artists speak intimately about there aesthetics and creative process. The newest of their profiles features our friend and Dossier contributer, Caris Reid. Click “Read More” to watch the video.