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What Even Is Life

The first time I was introduced to the trio of babes from Crazy White Bitches was when my friend Lea Colombo shot her editorial I Must Confess I still Believe for us in March of this year. Since then I’ve developed a fascination that could only be rooted in jealousy – and with every blog entry [...]

Moove It On Over

The above photo of a field of cows is from the new blog of photographer Frances Tulk-Hart. It is one of several new blogs that we’ve been watching lately, including the APC Journal and our friend Stephanie Tran’s blog for her label Duskin.

Chirayliq, Handsome Central European Men, and the Red Army Choir

While indulging in one of my random-hyperlink-clicking sessions this morning, I came across this videoclip of the Red Army Choir performing The Song of the Volga Boatmen. Since I own one album of the Choir performing in Paris in 1968, and house a childish fascination of Slav pop culture and aesthetics, my interest quickly turned [...]