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Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

Adarsha Benjamin has made quite a name for herself in the art world over the past few years. Breaking all boundaries, she redefines what it means to be an artist, weaving seamlessly between different mediums both in front and behind the camera. From Paris to Berlin, Big Sur to Seattle, New York to LA, the [...]

Flight of the Condor

Recently, I invited some of my favorite creative minds to come get claustrophobic with me in a hotel room, while they portrayed different characters who had been left alone. I was merely the Third Eye to the story of our loneliness, our lust, or longings, our deepest, strangest desires, and passions, fashions, styles and thoughts….. We had thunder storms, [...]

Even Brighter Than The Moon Moon Moon

Fireworks are a funny thing. They celebrate and illuminate and gather people together on the streets and in fields and make them stare at the sky. I’m all for staring at the sky, and this year a week or so before the 4th, I had the idea to have people share with us their firework [...]

Solid Sound

Last weekend—with a backpack full of coffee-stained film and a Polaroid camera given to me by friends at the Impossible Project––my friend Oliver and I took a bus to North Adams, Massachusetts to attend the second annual Solid Sound Festivall at the Mass MoCA. Curated by the members of the venerable musical outfit Wilco, the [...]