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I Just Wanna Be As Pretty As I Feel

Whether viewed digitally or on paper, Mario Zoots’ collages have a similar effect: They are initially perplexing, then mesmerizing. Deeply interested in the implicit language and complexity of image, Mario challenges these inherent visual systems, and our resulting interpretation, via his surreal re-rendering of them. He acts as magician, manipulating pop and contemporary culture into [...]

The Avengers: Rebecca Turbow and Tom Hines

Designer Rebecca Turbow and photographer Tom Hines have done it again: collaborating this year in a  photo shoot for Turbow’s spring 2010 collection with a dry 1960s spy vibe. The black and white shots read like vintage stills of The Avengers or The Man from U.N.C.L.E (the spy organization hidden behind a tailor shop), complete with [...]