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I have been reading Dan Savage’s advice column in the Village Voice, Savage Love, since I was a teenager. Aside from the general voyeuristic peek advice into other peoples’ lives that all advice columns offer, I’ve always liked reading his because of him. His voice is so human, and he comes off as really funny, non-judgmental and seriously smart. Plus he’s political, an attribute I love in just about anyone. I was reading this weeks’ column while waiting for a bagel this morning, in which he talks about a project he’s doing on Youtube in honor of a kid named Billy Lucas. Billy was a fifteen-year-old in Indiana who endured repeated bullying from his classmates for being a “fag” – so a week into the school year, he hung himself in his grandmother’s barn. Dan Savage talked about how sad it is that grown up gay men and women aren’t generally allowed to come into schools and talk about their experiences being bullied and let gay teenagers know that it ‘s going to get better. In order to get that message out there, Savage has started a Youtube channel called It Gets Better Project. He’s asked gay men and women to post videos, speaking directly to kids who might not have other gay role models in their lives, sharing what their experiences have been and talking about some of the awesome stuff that has happened in their lives since high school ended.

The message that things will get better is one that I think a lot of kids need in high school, gay or not. I also just really love the use of Youtube as a political tool, rather than just a forum for videos of babies and dogs sleepwalking. Click “Read More” for the video Dan Savage and his husband made to start the project as well as Perez Hilton’s contribution.


  1. Posted September 24, 2010 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    Dan Savage is brilliant. Thanks for sharing this wonderful project. And honestly, it does get better.

  2. myriam v. h
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    Because of the tragic suicide of Tyler Clementi, I found your website. Very inspiring thanks so much for coming out.
    While in college my only son told me he was gay. He is a brilliant young man, he is almost done with a Ph D paid only by scholarships, all the school and city awards he has. Because we are lower middle class, we could have not given him an education. Like that was not bad enough I am hispanic his father is from here. He was always different kind, sensitive artistic musical, multilinual, Eagle Scout, so dedicated to his family but never had friends even though he dated the prettiest girls in school but he will come home from his dates and tell me, mom don’t worry I am still a virgin. My husband and I never gave it a second thought. He behaved as any boy would when it came to sports, skiing, shooting guns, four-wheelers.
    When he told me I cried but because I was upset that he never told me and he had to fake it all those years of suffering, alone and I was not there for him to protect. I love him so much, all his boyfriend and gay friends have always been welcome into our house. I love his gay friends, all of them college graduates, loving and caring and it is so sad that most of them at their age have not told their parents for fear of been rejected.
    It is nobody business who you have sex with, as long as it’s not a minor. I have become a better person because of his gay friends and learned the knowledge of different things that otherwise I would not know.
    I would kill to protect my son becasue he is more of what a human should be and more of a “man” than lots of guys out there.

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