Behind Closed Doors at the Climate Summit

The Guardian website today posted a must-read article by the climate-change activist and journalist Mark Lynas on the behind the scenes wrangling over the climate deal, or lack thereof, in Copenhagen – How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room. Highly recommended.

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    Interesting comments on that article: this one got 957 “recommends”:

    “Mark – you say the US offered a 17% cut in emissions on 2005 levels, and that this was a serious offer. This is not a serious offer, and you should know as much.

    “Cuts are measured by everyone else on 1990 levels, not 2005 levels. We need a 40% cut on 1990 levels at least to give us a fighting chance of limiting warming to 2 degrees. You know how the US offer of 17% translates to 1990 levels? Is it 40%? Is it even 17%? Is it f*ck. Its four. Four per cent. And this you call “serious”, while lecturing “leftists” about their starry eyed view of developing countries?

    “The US offered an emissions cut of 4% on 1990 levels when over 40% was needed to reach the 2 degree target. Obama stated flat out that this was non-negotiable. Blaming China for scuppering a “deal” with a 2 degree target when we know full well that the deal would have been worthless given the pathetic cuts offered by Washington is not exactly giving the whole story is it?

    “Wittingly or not, Mark, you’re relaying Western spin. You weren’t the only one at Copenhagen. We have a lot of reports now. And even your insider account can’t mask the pathetic stance of the United States. By all means blame China for what its responsible for. I’m under no illusions about them, or India and its uniquely vile political class. There’s plenty of blame to go around. But the idea that the nasty Chinese spoilt the brave idealistic Westerners’ great humanitarian bid to deal seriously with climate change is a lot of nonsense.”

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