Shannan Click


We are used to seeing models made up, dressed as other people, used as canvases to write fantasies on. The very best models are like silent film actresses, able to transform into credible and incredible characters and tell a story using just their bodies and faces. Who they actually are is often subverted into who we want them to be.

In Dossier, we are often interested in photographing people you are used to seeing one way and showing them as they actually are. Often the reality is much more interesting than the fantasy.

Shannan Click is a model, and also a sculptor, and soon-to-be a mother. These photographs of her, taken at home in the East Village by her friend Silja Magg, were when she was in the early stages of her pregnancy, and, she says, “I thought she was already showing. These were a last hurrah.”┬áThese images are intimate and beautiful without the backstory, but even more compelling when you think of them as a having a secret, waiting to make itself unmistakable.


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Photography by Silja Magg

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