As a rule, we should have more dance videos on here. Especially after watching Panorama, a video piece featuring the dancer Juri Onuki, directed by Arat-Voix (Holland Brown and RT Salvor of Salvor Projects.) Choreographed by Onuki, the dance was inspired by a personal account of Onuki’s, based on her emotions in leaving New York City for Sedona, Arizona. She found herself intrigued by the beauty of the desert despite its abusive heat, and was able to tap into a new physical awareness. For her, this dance represents a dreamlike state of altered consciousness as well as a place of solitary freedom. With audio by Konrad Jandev, the dance is highlighted by moving images of Onuki dancing beside herself super-imposed onto the screen in bright colors or shadow-like figures. Together, these factors lend a unique dimension to the piece and deepen the experience of watching it.

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  1. Terri Brown
    Posted January 8, 2013 at 11:29 am | Permalink

    How refreshingly elegant and beautiful watching this dynamic stunning performance! One can really enjoy the many layers of feelings as well as merging colors and special video effects! Please keep making these! It’s food for the soul…

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