You Think It’s Hot Out? Try Being Pregnant.

My friend Jessica is one of those people who is always involved in something amazing that helps other people. So, tonight she invited me to a fund-raiser and tour of Inwood House. Open since 1830, Inwood House is a live-in center for underprivileged pregnant teenagers, most of them products of the foster care system or group homes. It made me sad to know I went to high school only two blocks away and never even knew it existed. I haven’t felt such an immediate love for a place in a long time. The girls are so sweet, so optimistic and so smart. They have reason to be- the statistics for typical pregnant teenagers are not good- including homelessness, multiple teen births, abuse and drug-addiction, whereas the alumni of Inwood House are placed in internships, learn job skills, taught about sex education and given top-notch maternity care. The girls are taught with a holistic approach that includes gardening, cooking classes, knitting circles and pre-natal yoga. They were one of the first in the country to include the young fathers in the process and teach them about their share of parental responsibility. Basically, If you are looking for something good to do check out the many ways you can help from volunteering to donating to mentoring a young woman.
Photo: Emily Gilbert

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    So amazing. So impressive…

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