Wait What?

Wait What’s The Notorious XX is a mash up of  the Notorious B.I.G’s Life After Death and The XX’s self-titled debut put out by some 24-year-old tech dude/DJ in San Francisco who apparently once bought a second Ipod to listen to both simultaneously. “Wait… What?” is exactly what I said to myself when I came across it on Freewilliamsburg earlier today.

Somehow I can’t really believe that being a techy AND a DJ, he didn’t think to mix the two together before spending his money on another gadget… but whatever the story, he definitely got my attention. It sounded like such an odd combination at first that I needed to hear it right away.

Wait What says, “The Notorious XX began as an idea in my sister’s apartment, where I was trying to figure out what it would sound like hearing Juicy over Vcr, and since then expanded to include all 11 tracks of The XX’s debut album chopped, sliced, and mashed up with Biggie’s vocals. I made it over the span of a few weeks in Boston, Williamstown, Albany, Chicago, Aspen, Denver, and San Francisco, and then mastered over 10 days in Zurich, Zermatt, London, San Francisco, Dallas, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.”

The brilliant The Grey Album, by Danger Mouse, which combined Jay-Z’s The Black Album with The Beatles The White Album it is not, but it’s still worth your time because Wait What does blend the two albums together seamlessly. Notorious B.I.G. on his own is a bit harsh and crude for my emo/puritanical ears, so mixing it with The XX completely softens it up and makes it somewhat pretty, and at most times enjoyable. I’d been listening to XX on repeat,  pretty much every day for the last few months, and dare I say, I was actually starting to get sick of it, so finding this was pretty awesome. Now I can continue listening and still be surprised by each song that comes on.

You can download the album for free here. And click “Read More” for the video of Juicy and The Ver.

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    Yep it definitely is a great listen. Interestingly, I heard the mashup before hearing the original XX album….it felt strange to go backwards! BTW minor correction, the while the mashup includes many Life After Death songs, it also includes tracks from his fist album as well as tracks on various other releases.

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