Summer Mixtape No.1


This summer NEW/AGE is curating a kaleidoscopic summertime mix series to be exclusively released with Dossier. It features diverse genre-benders such as Hannah Hunt (Christopher Owens), Kilo Kish, MAS YSA, Smash Simmons, Elvis Perkins/Cornelia Livingston and others. First in the series is Brooklyn-based DJ Kitty-Ca$h (née Cachee Livingston).

It was a serendipitous beginning for Kitty-Ca$h, who lists Trap, Hip-Hop, R’n’B, Pop, House and Reggae as some of her favorite genres to spin, the FIT alum was working as a publicist when her best friend, rapper Kilo Kish, offered Kitty the opportunity to be her tour DJ; with the one caveat–she had to learn how to DJ first. “We would hop around from different bars trying to find a DJ for her tour and one night, Kish was like ‘Why don’t you just be my official DJ’ and I was just like ‘Yeah, but I don’t know how to DJ’. First, I learned the basics from her manager, J-Scott, and then I took a class at Scratch Academy, and then I just fell in love and now I practice everyday.”

Now, a year later the Brooklyn native has been honing her skills and has released her first ever mix exclusive to Dossier, using trap as a foundation while seamlessly layering down-tempo electro, pop and R and B. “I created Could It Be You while reflecting on a few conversations I had with close friends about finding love in the summer time. When selecting, I wanted songs that evoked an array of emotions like lust, passion, happiness, romance, anger, love and infatuation; resulting in a care-free yet sultry summer vibe for the mix. Every scenario gave me inspiration for a different song, which in the end tells the ultimate summer love story… leaving you questioning every encounter with four words… Could It Be You?!”

–Shannekia McIntosh


A few facts about Kitty Ca$h:

Favorite color: Purple
Favorite smell: Vanilla & Jasmine
Favorite food: Steak
First kiss: Magical
Astrological sign: Capricorn
What you look for in a crush: Humor, Spontaneity, Shyness
Dream vacation: Ibiza & Africa
Favorite vacaton: Italy & Trinidad
Favorite artwork: “Fireflies on the water” by Yayoi Kusama
Favorite architect/building: Doors of Ghiberti
Favorite piece of clothing ever: Anything sheer or lace in my closet
Favorite gemstone/crystal: I carry around a rose quartz everyday
In the future there will be (finish sentence)… a woman as president
Favorite state of mind (can be more than one): Inspired, Grateful, Motivated, Humble, Willing, Open
Favorite mood (can be more than one): Peaceful, Jovial, Indescribable, Silly, Loving, Nurturing, Free-Spirited
Favorite animal: Peacock
What is beauty?: This is a very layered question that I could talk about endlessly, but to keep it simple I would say beauty comes from within. Most of the people that I can actually call beautiful, I see them as colorless individuals. I call them beautiful because of their spirit (their energy, their heart) not because of their exteriors (physical attraction).
Favorite flower: Tiger Lily
Favorite cartoon movie: Ferngully
Favorite gift from a Friend: Odd Future donut case; I ended up using it everyday haha…
Favorite thing to buy: An amazing pair of shoes
Favorite lip balm: Fresh
Favorite body part: Lips
Favorite headphones: Monster Crystal headphones (very amazing gift from my friend Samia)
Favorite secret place: There is a cul de sac not far from my house. You can see the train if you look through the metal gate…it is my favorite getaway…I sit there and write poems and think…I have been going there since I was 14
Favorite moments: Sitting on my bed with my younger siblings talking about everything under the sun