One Reason to Go to a Music Festival

Anyone who knows me is going to be struck by the irony that the first post I’m putting up on our blog is about music, but here it is: Lissy Trullie’s band is playing the After the Jump Music Festival in Williamsburg tomorrow. They played at my friend Christopher’s birthday and they were adorable and really good. It’s going to be hot and sunny tomorrow, so if you’re around and you want to go hear some free music, you should check them out. They go on at 1:40. There are a lot of other bands playing, too, and, not surprisingly, I don’t know any of them. Even so, I might be there.

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    My company was a media sponsor on Saturday, so I had the chance to interview Lissy — she was insanely talented and by far the best dressed performer I saw all day… except Bell, who, if you haven’t checked her out yet, you definitely should.

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