Dirty Projector’s Knotty Pine

dirty projectors 

Stripped of the brume that kept Dave Longstreth’s Dirty Projectors from being heard as the pop band they have always been, ‘Knotty Pine,’ their new collaboration with David Byrne for the charity compilation Dark Was the Night, is the first real step towards renouncing that opacity  and taking that leap — ever so slight as it may be — into beautiful and affective pop.  With their first release for Domino on the horizon, and with the sort of material they have been playing live as of late in mind, one can only assume that the next Dirty Projectors record will finally solidify Dave Longstreth’s reputation as a modern pop genius.  (Can we take that further? Will the next collaboration be with, say, Beyonce or Prince, or is that too much to ask for?)

Knotty Pine

Photo: Nina Mouritzen, courtesy of the band’s myspace.

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