Breakfast at Sulimay’s

When you’re 15, you’re usually into one kind of music, exclusively – be it punk or hip hop or techno or zydeco. Somebody else likes another style of music? He or she is wrong and dumb and boring and mainstream. When you’re 18 and you look back at what you listened to three years earlier you might not necessarily like it anymore. Maybe you even think that that stuff was ridiculous. What was your first record? Was it ridiculous? Oh, so it was something on tape? Or maybe even 8-track?

When you’re 25 to 30-something, your musical horizon should have broadened. You might be into a variety of musical styles and you consider yourself a sophisticated listener. You’re on the top of your game, you know what’s happening, you’re on the ball. But you also know that it’s not going to stay like that forever. Even though you made that promise to yourself that you’ll be forever into music, that you will never stop digging records, going to concerts or checking out avant-garde music blogs, you know the day is going to come when you just don’t care about new music anymore. Just keep lying to yourself and enjoy the moment. It’ll help you swallow the bitter pill. But the day your children tell you that you just don’t understand their music you’ll realize one thing… You’ve become ancient!  

Have you ever wondered what new releases sound like to people that are way past their prime, at least music-wise? No? Well, thanks to the people at Woodshop Films you can find out anyway. They found four senior citizens that are willing to lend their ears to what the market has to offer, and they don’t like it one bit. At least most of what they hear. Watch Joe, Moon, Ann and Bill mangle everything from Yo La Tengo to Animal Collective; Radiohead to Modest Mouse; Willy Nelson to Common and Eminem. After a couple of videos you’ll have the reviewers idiosyncrasies figured out and Breakfast at Sulimay’s becomes more and more interesting. Bill just generally dislikes rappers, Ann can’t get down with anything that is not for the dance floor and slowly turns into a 18 year old punk girl, and Joe takes issue with overpowering drums. But every now and then they also manage to agree on something. Amanda Blank gets away okay, as does Bon Iver, and, surprisingly enough, Iggy Pop and Sepultura apparently produce music that old folks can enjoy. Check out their website to see all of the geezers’ reviews and try to imagine what you would have to say about these tracks if you were as old as they are.

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  1. Jeff Kinkle
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    Great! Reminds of Reel Geezers:

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