Stay Awhile

Dress, Lindsey Thornburg. Jacket, Camilla and Marc. Boots, LD Tuttle. Necklace, Anndra Neen.

A good distance and a reality away from her home in Alberta, Canada, model Meghan Collison—who also appears in the Dossier Issue 6 fashion editorial Major Arcana—combined her rural roots with her current urban existence on a windy beach in Rockaway, Queens. She also took a moment to speak with us about a life lived in transit.

Erin Dixon: How is Meghan: the model different from Meghan: the girl from Alberta?

Meghan Collison: I’m pretty much the same person. When I lived in Alberta, though, I was very quiet and shy. I’m a lot more outgoing now.

Photography by Blossom Berkofsky
Styling by Jaclyn Hodes
Hair by Pete Lennon at Atelier Management for Redken
Makeup by Lottie at Atelier Management for Dior
Model: Meghan Collison at Next
Special thanks to Kristin & Taketo in Rockaway

Left: Dress, Jeremy Scott. Veil, Bridal Veil Falls. Boots, LD Tuttle. Right: Blouse, vintage Chloe. Shorts, Toroella. Hosiery, Agent Provocateur. Boots, LD Tuttle. Necklace, Anndra Neen.

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Erin: Outside of modeling, what do you love?

Meghan: I love my family, my kitty and my friends!

Erin: What location has been your favorite among the places you’ve shot?

Meghan: I really liked the Italian Alps. They were beautiful and reminded me a lot of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I also enjoyed going to Peru. I really am grateful that I have gotten too see all these amazing places. Before I started modeling, I hadn’t even left Canada.

Dress, Sonia Rykiel. Sleeves, AF Vandevorst. Shoes, LD Tuttle. Bangles, Anndra Neen.

Erin: What is your first modeling memory?

Meghan: Arriving in New York City for the first time. I couldn’t believe how many buildings were in one place and how much traffic there was. I remember just staring out the taxi window, not believing I was actually in New York.

Left: Bustier, Jeremy Scott. Bangle, Lauren Manoogian. Leggings, Tess Giberson. Right: Coat and leggings, Tess Giberson. Shirt, Risto Bimbiloski. Necklace, Anndra Neen. Shoes, Sonia Rykiel.

Erin: How do you define home when you are constantly traveling?

Meghan: I don’t really think of any place as home anymore. After I’m finished with modeling, I am going to pick a city and settle down and get my own place and that will be “home.” Until then, it’s living out of my suitcase, with most of my stuff in storage at my grandparents’, and I don’t mind that one bit!

Shirt, Messages. Leggings, Bernhard Wilhelm. Boots, AF Vandevorst. Necklaces, Lauren Manoogian.

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