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The Augsburg, Germany based photography magazine Der Greif (The Griffin) is a wonderful publication that began as regional project, but has since garnered worldwide attention. Since starting in 2008, the magazine’s creators have had the chance to present their brainchild at Preview Art Fair Berlin, Stroke Urban Art Fair Munich, Fotobook Festival Kassel, Dezines Madrid and Magazine Library Tokyo and annually release a special edition for the media festival Schmiede in Hallein, Austria.

The magazine combines photography and literature in a unique way. They welcome contributions from all over the globe, and try not to focus on any specific theme. What that means is that after receiving the material, the Der Greif crew acts as curators and combines the images with the texts to create beautiful new media combinations and, in a way, new pieces of art.

The people behind the magazine view their website as a forum for participating artists and as a mobile gallery to present a broad collection of photos and texts, as well as allow closer looks into individual artists work. However, they treat the physical publication more as a book than a classic magazine. By choosing a unique format, high-quality paper and not running any advertisements in the publication, every issue becomes a truly collectible item. The magazine’s creators made these choices to encourage a decrease in the speed of both content and consumption, and to allow the readers to fully immerse themselves in the art as well as the medium. But the magazine and the website are connected by means of download codes that enable the buyer of the physical publication to access exclusive non-printable content on the online platform.

Since Der Greif started out as a project by friends, its makers strongly believe in DIY ethics and networking and regularly offer workshops and panel discussions that enable others to get an insight into the processes of creating a magazine. Additionally they can be contracted as curators for exhibitions and other events.

The upcoming issue will be published in early March and has received close to 2000 submissions from over 20 countries. So check the website, get the latest edition, submit any material that you deem fit for this unique magazine, and help keeping Der Greif what it is: a wonderful experiment that hopefully gets to develop, evolve and grow for many more issues to come.

Making Of »Der Greif Schmiede Spezial 2« from Pop Ross on Vimeo.

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