Nobody Walks

Nobody Walks, the third film by director Ry Russo-Young, and co-written by Lena Dunham, opens this weekend in New York and L.A. You can read an in-depth review in the Times here (which manages to get some specifics of the plot wrong), and although it’s a fine review, I don’t really think it conveys how good the movie is. With minimal production value and a straightforward story (short version, a girl moves to LA and gets in the middle of a marriage), what matters, and what is great about the movie, is the characters. They are so clearly rendered and layered that when I posted the trailer just now, I watched it again so I could slip back into their lives for a few more minutes, even though I literally just saw the movie. I read a couple of reviews that talked about the characters being unlikable. I couldn’t disagree more. One of the things I thought was so impressive about the film is that everyone is humanized. Everyone is treated with sympathy, even when their behavior is entirely unsympathetic.

This is an independent film, so if you think you might want to see it, opening weekend is a good time to do so, as it effects how widely a film is released. The director is doing a Q&A after the 7.10 screenings and an intro to the 9 pm screenings at Sunshine both Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets for New York screenings are available here, and for LA are available here.

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