Saturday’s Surf Pockets

Meet Morgan Collett, Josh Rosen and Colin Tunstall. They are the affable and striking triumvirate behind Saturdays Surf, a hidden oasis offering a place to chill while also selling rare boards, gear, surf-inspired fashion and accessories and art. Visitors can also grab an excellent cup of java. I mean the full-bodied, fresh-brewed flavor you would experience at the old Cora’s on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica before it became Cora’s Coffee Shoppe – with two P’s and an E. Saturdays, infused with a breezy SoCal vibe, is tucked quietly among the boutiques and converted warehouses of Crosby Street in SoHo. With its unexpected deck outback surrounded by trees, leafy plantings and surfboards, Saturdays is a pleasant and whimsical counter-balance to Gotham’s hustle and bustle. ‘A secret nook in a pleasant land,’ is how Ralph Waldo Emerson might describe the garden. This urban surf shop is really a reflection of Collette, Rosen and Tunstall as individuals. They are avid surfers. Each has done time on the West Coast. Each bring a unique set of skills to the business. “We saw a gap. A gap in what our lifestyle was, who we were and what was available to us,” says Tunstall, described as the ‘creative guy’ responsible for branding aspects of the business.  “We knew there were plenty of people who enjoyed the surfing lifestyle, who loved being in New York and who were in the same kind of vibe as us.” “New York, surfing and fashion combined into one concept,” is how Collett sums up Saturdays. Collett, considered ‘the mathematical mind,’ manages the production of the Saturdays clothing collection. The generous menswear collection includes fleece, shirts, tees, tanks, surf shorts and traditional chinos offering a sleek, narrow silhouette. Yoshida Porter waterproof tote bags are designed exclusively for Saturdays. The three are very much present, which lends to the clever personality of the business. It is not unusual to catch Rosen working the room and chatting it up with customers about surfing, art, coffee and other topics. Rosen compares his current work situation to the days when he was a professional snow boarder, “It was more fun than work.” As for growing the business, the plan is to do so “thoughtfully and carefully,” according to Rosen. A greater presence in select department stores and boutiques in the US is a goal. They will expand in Japan – opening a ‘shop in shop’ in the department store Adam and Rope. A roll out of their collection in Europe is also in the offing.

Now when we ‘picked the pockets’ of these guys, an eclectic mix of gear was our take. For the most part they travel light. The final flourishes of their dress are minimal. For Morgan Collette, a Swiss Army knife was an item of interest. The Southern California-native explains that since he was a little kid his mother always carried a Swiss Army knife on her keychain so she gave him one. “The tweezers are missing but it randomly comes in handy like when you need to file your nails and it reminds me of home a little bit.” Collette is never without his Blackberry. “It’s my laptop when I don’t have my laptop. It’s nice because I’m always working – our manufacturer is overseas and there’s a 12 hour difference so there’s always something that needs to be done.” By the way, what’s inspiring is how Collette makes his way around the City – a skate board and a vintage Schwinn Beach Cruiser.

Josh Rosen packs some pretty cool gear. ‘Match-Pig,’ a brass matchstick holder fashioned in the form of a pig, was picked it up at the Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts. “It’s a lucky charm,” insists the Seattle-native. The Oliver Peoples sunglasses were a gift. “The best fitting glasses I have ever had and I am fighting very hard not to lose them,” he says. The Louis Vuitton wallet was also a gift. The leather strap repurposed as a keychain was found in the basement of the building when Rosen and his partners took over the space, which was formerly an antiques store. He bought the wedding band on St. Marks Place for about 20-bucks. “I like things that mean something.” Rosen and his wife Sarah lived on St. Mark’s when they got married. “It symbolizes where we fell in love and where we got married so to me this ring is like platinum.”

Now if you want to know what Saturdays sells simply examine the gear Colin Tunstall packs. Salt Optics tortoise shell sunglasses were an “investment” and worth it “If you don’t sit on them or lose them,” he says.  A keychain by Miansai, hold the keys to Tunstall’s kingdom. A bracelet designed by Thom Dolan, also found at Saturdays, is a nice detail adorning his wrist. The iPhone is a hand-me-down. It’s his third one. “I keep on breaking them,” admits Tunstall.  The dog tags belong to his beloved companion Ozzie a 12-year-old mutt he rescued from the streets when he was living in Savannah, Georgia. “She’s been along for the ride and is very dear to my heart.”  He also keeps a little vile of Bravado cologne on-the-ready. “Hey, ya gotta smell good!”

Photography by Weston Wells


  1. kristen
    Posted May 11, 2011 at 2:19 pm | Permalink

    Morgan, I love you.

  2. ad
    Posted May 26, 2011 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    what is that black pass they all have on their key chains with the circles?

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