Window Shopping

As part of The New Museum’s Special Projects exhibition, She’s Crafty, a select group of twelve female artists have been invited to develop and present interactive projects open to the public in the window display space at the entrance of the museum. Last week The New Museum featured multimedia artist Maggie Lee, who created her vision of a holiday window display in the form of a printmaking and publishing studio. Visitors were invited to access her personal library of zines, and use her photocopier to create their own reading packet. She transformed the space to simulate an intimate environment similar to her studio and living space – transplanted objects and ephemera from her work as an artist – collected zines from penpal trades, book fairs, art shows – become tools and art works for her exhibition. Maggie Lee takes the aesthetic and system of zines and applies it to the public sphere as a way of engendering a collaborative workshop space.

Before that, Dani Griffiths of Clyde knitted and crocheted her line of handmade hats for people, with custom embellishments available. A complete renaissance woman, Dani turned the store into both a workshop and a music studio, where visitors could buy custom mix tapes along with their hats.

Up next on the roster are singer Jennifer Herrema, performance artist Eloise Fornieles, artist Julia Chiang and jewelry-maker Arielle De Pinto. I’m not sure Christmas shopping gets better than this.

She’s Crafty”runs through January 20 at The New Museum of Contemporary Art, 235 Bowery, NYC.

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