In the Studio with Sarki

With fashion week fast approaching, New York City is seeing its fair share of models. Like an outbreak of pretty, they begin to appear at your morning coffee spot, in your supermarket, and in all the other mundane places you normally wouldn’t associate with beauty (as well as all the places you would). In these moments, the natural moments, off runway and out from in front of a camera, there is a brief moment of equality and honestly. This is one element of photography I find important and necessary and to that point this series of portraits showcases what I perceive as these moments. Our friend, photographer Van Sarki, has produced  these images for us based on the simple idea of being completely natural, in that the sitter, the lighting and even the energy between subject and photographer is all natural. A softer more calm preface to the hectic week of scheduling and visual stimuli on the horizon.

Charlotte Carey, IMG Models

Sophie Gerber, Elite

Alexa Yudina, Supreme Management

Barbara Fialho, IMG Models

Neelia Moore, Fusion Models

Thea Skylstad, Supreme Management

Robin Schenk, NY Models

Marianna Rothen, Fusion Models

Kristy Kaurova, NY Models

Mariane Fassarella, IMG Models

Top Image: Kristine Froseth, Supreme Management

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