I Must Confess I Still Believe

Three girls, one Polaroid camera and stickers by the bucketload – that’s how these pictures came about. It’s 2012 and it’s all about being relevant in this Tumblr obsessed generation. Posting and reblogging are the order of the day. We eat LOLcats for breakfast. Yet, sometimes you just want to get your hands dirty. Enter DIY scrapbooking.

We’re all from Cape Town and yes, this is Africa baby; now living is Paris. Lea Colombo is a young photographer who is not afraid to try out kooky ideas. Her website showcases a wide selection of her work, from forays into fast food joints and lover boys, to hot girls hanging out of vintage cars. She’s got that versatility thing down to a tee.

Fani is the dopest model, you kind of don’t want her to do anything but rather just be. The photos were shot in her house which is filled with weird and wacky thing – one suspects they are hoarders. Naturally her dad owns a record store, Mabu Vinyl, so two rooms in her house are devoted to the sweetest vinyls. Crazy White Bitches is a second hand clothing initiative she started with her two best friends. They source cool, hard-to-find apparel from across South Africa and sell it at events that read more like parties than sales. Beer and hip hop DJs will confuse you like that.

I’m  a Fine Art student at the University of Cape Town and am  responsible for the post production scrapbooking that screams pre-teen dream. Obsessed with glitter, Hello Kitty and Britney Spears, I refuse to act my age. I’m also responsible for the styling, using mostly pieces from the Crazy White Bitches collection to create simple, fresh looks with big ass platforms for attitude.

We’re all babies of the 90′s, conceived in the throes of the 80′s hangover, living through this new millennium’s puberty. It’s a tremulous time. High on Americana, yet not forgetting our homeland is how we operate. We’re not about to act out our “Africaness” in a contrived way. This is a global world after all, and we’re all citizens of the internet. Collaboration is the language we speak.

This shoot is not high fashion; it’s not your typical Eastern European babe bathed in gazillion dollar clothes. It’s young and frivolous – revealing something of the personalities of those involved. We like McDonald’s and listen to Justin Bieber, but we are simultaneously engaged in contemporary art debates. Such a fuss is made about high art vs. low art. Surely we have descended far too deep down this postmodern rabbit hole for any of that to matter? Let’s break those walls down 1989 style.

Intellectualizing these images seems a bit redundant. They are fun and flirty and yet also the result of internalising various global sources. These photographs display a certain integrity despite the lack of integrity of the materials that adorn them. Tyler, the Creator said it best. We all fucking walking paradoxes. Let’s just go with it.

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Photography:  Lea Colombo
Stylist, scrapbooker and text: Jana Terblanche
Model: Fani Segerman


  1. Posted March 23, 2012 at 9:55 pm | Permalink

    I’m ambivalent about the 90s revival / “tumblr” aesthetic, but I like that this is proactive, original content, and not…you know…a Tumblr.

  2. Posted March 24, 2012 at 3:44 am | Permalink

    (PS that’s my jersey!!)

  3. Posted August 4, 2012 at 9:11 am | Permalink

    Many of these comments remind me with the hysterical lady around the Simpsons who always screams…

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