Fendi Bag + A Bad Attitude

For the 15th anniversary of what many call the first it-bag ever, Fendi teamed up with Maxfield LA to launch the self-explanatory “Baguettemania.” Three artists- Chaz Bojorquez, Kenny Scharf, and Pae White were chosen to create special limited edition baguettes for the event, that will be added to the insanely long list of Fendi collabs past including Damien Hirst, Richard Prince and Jeff Koons. There are so many different versions of the bag, that Fendi recently launched a book showcasing the many, many baguettes that have been made over the years. It is actually a really inspiring look at the link between art and fashion with so many important contemporary artists featured that your head spins a bit. It made me feel boring for having one in basic black. Either way, it was nice to take a peek and dream about owning a mini-art collection that you can carry your phone in. Here, artist Chaz Bojorquez answered a few questions about how it feels to be a part of this continuing legacy.

Katherine Krause: How did you get started in art? Did you always want to be an artist?

Chaz Bojorquez: As a very young child, I already knew that I wanted to be an artist, drawing at age two. You are born with a creative nature, seeing everything differently. Psychology tells us that if you proclaim such destiny at a tender age, then that is what we are meant to become and generally do.

Katherine Krause:
What is the driving motivation for you to create art today?

Chaz Bojorquez: My creative curiosity is what drives my art, my very motive to create. Exploring many of my interests led me to take three years of drafting in my early teens, which stimulated a deep respect for well-executed line work and a love for calligraphy.

Katherine Krause: What did you design for your collaboration with Fendi?

Chaz Bojorquez: I had the great honor to design two Fendi baguettes, applying my letter style in a sophisticated “graff-chic” appeal. The “L.A. Cosmopoltian” is a cream base color baguette [with] dark large stylized Fendi hand-lettered graphic with bronze and gold accents. The “Malibu Mist” is a sea foam [and] turquoise base color baguette [with] stylized Fendi hand-lettered graphic appliqued in dark teal [and] emerald green crystal cut beads.

Katherine Krause: What do you think of the links that exist between art and fashion?

Chaz Bojorquez: The popular contemporary arts such as graffiti and street art has inspired a world audience of conscientiousness to fashionably wear and/or collect their art through product. These trends are the links that stimulate an innovative emergence of today’s art, fashion and design.

Katherine Krause: What are some examples of wearable art that influenced you?

Chaz Bojorquez: My greatest influence has been my West Coast cultural experiences, a lifestyle and aesthetic true to its own. The subcultures of surf, hot-rod, skate, and “cholo,” each style their own clothes and by adding graffiti, it links them all. Such creative projects include: Van’s high-top and deck shoe; skateboard and surfboard design; California wine label; lettering on a low-rider.

Katherine Krause: What was the easiest or hardest part about this collaboration?

Chaz Bojorquez: Art has a function…and wearable art needs to function. The challenge about this collaboration was to design for the fashionably hip contemporary woman, not just “tag” on a baguette.

Images of event: Courtesy Emily Huang

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