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Last December I picked up my copy of The Vice Photo Book and was not surprised to find that it was a pretty dope book (and it also happens to contain a photo by a certain photographer kind enough to lend it to us for our READ page). That book helped me catch up on a lot of the great photography in Vice that I’ve often missed because I’m too late to get a copy of the magazine when I finally drag my ass into a place that stocks it. I have a feeling though that I may be able to find one tomorrow.

The Vice crew has thrown together a gallery in what will eventually be more office space and is putting on a show for the entire month of August in the space. Exhibitors include: Jonathan Black, Rennie Ellis, Roe Ethridge, Naomi Fisher, Dana Goldstein, Jerry Hsu, Richard Kern, Maggie Le, David Markey & Jordan Schwartz, Jens Mollenvanger, Patrick O’Dell, Aaron Rose, Chris Shonting, Luke Stephenson, Nick Zinner & Aliya Naumoff, and a special “Riddles” section curated by Tim Barber. Affordable prints will be available as well as other Vice products at a discounted price. And I’ll finally be able to grab a copy of the new Photo Issue. The gallery’s open Tuesday through Friday from 3 to 7pm and 12 to 6pm on Saturdays.

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    That shit was too hot to take. Physically. Met the other Suther though, Peter Sutherland’s brother Andrew. Good dudes, good vibes. Good talk with Noah Kalina, “Can’t talk shit at shows like this, you never know who’s listening” Me- “Fuck ‘em.” The pictures of the LA punk scene by Dave Markey were totally amazing though, some different stuff in the show than in the magazine. Also, good to see them give some context to Mr. Richard Kern (see my post about Sonic Youth).

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