Thanks For Explaining Me

On Friday night Gladstone Gallery opened Thanks for Explaining Me, an exhibit of the work of the late artist and filmmaker Jack Smith. Smith is a seminal figure in the history of  queer and experimental film who was largely ignored by the established art world during his lifetime. The exhibition presents 12 recently restored films as well as a selection of photographs and collages. Smith’s work is loaded with a deep and personal sense of desire expressed through the rendering of vivid fantasy. An illusion fabricated through an overflowing set of references to mythology, Hollywood camp and radical sexuality. Curated by Neville Wakefield, the exhibition also includes works by three contemporary queer artists, Ryan McNamara, A.L. Steiner and T.J. Wilcox. These works are in posthumous collaboration with Smith, appropriating before unseen footage to create pieces dealing with his legacy and influence. A selection of Smith’s films will be screened on Saturdays, through the course of the show. A full schedule of the screenings is available here.

Jack Smith Thanks For Explaining Me is on view May 6 – June 16 at Barbara Gladstone Gallery, 515 W.24 St. NY, NY.


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    I’m in Ryan McNamara’s piece!! The pre-opening WAS much more fun.

  3. Nicky
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    wow… does anyone know what film the second frame grab is from, specifically? gauzy kabuki woman, passion fruit, turkey… i need to see it! seriously, thanks for explaining me

  4. Nicky
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    nevermind… it’s a photo, found it on gallery page… duh.

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