RX Art Benefit

RxArt, an organazation that works to to put original contemporary art in hospital rooms held its annual benefit this month, honoring Dan Colen’s permanent installation for King’s County Hospital Pediatrics. The event raised more than $250,000 to support the organization’s mission. As the many arts patrons and artists such as Neville Wakefield, Olympia Scarry, and Glenn O’Brien circled the expansive silent auction that began the evening, the lovely Arizona Muse fell in love with Max Snow’s Untitled Photograph- her #100 paddle proving good luck in the end, as Muse scored the Snow work with a winning bid. Among the highlights of the evening was a surprise performance by Kilo Kish with DJ Kitty-Ca$h and a spirited live auction led by Alexander Gilkes of Paddle8. All the photos were taken by photographer Ashely Sebök on real, live film. Keeping it classy.

Neville Wakefield & Olympia Scarry

Poet Hannah Buonaguro & Artist Ryan Foerster

Alexandra Richards, Kalika Farmer, Elizabeth Gilpin & Arizona Muse

Michelle Violy Harper

Nate Lowman & Matt Creed

Wash & Set’s Nicole Franzen

Corey Kennedy & Friend

Jeanette Hayes in front of her art work

Hors d’oeuvres

Kilo Kish & DJ Kitty-Ca$h

Madeleine von Froomer

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