carnival jacmel haiti blue red kanaval 2013

Jacmel is a city of 40,000 people on the southern coast of Haiti. It has been tentatively accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with buildings dating from the early 1900′s, but in more modern times it has been known for its laid-back beach vibe (including surfing) and vibrant arts scene. Although damaged by the 2010 earthquake – cracks in buildings can still be seen – the city has been revitalized in the past three years, now hosting both annual film and music festivals. It is home of the Ciné Institute, Haiti’s first film school, which offers a two-year program free to its carefully selected students, training them to work in a very 21st century industry. Carnival (kanaval in Creole) takes place in Jacmel earlier than the other celebrations around Haiti, and showcases the astonishing creative work of the city’s papier-mâché artisans. Everybody celebrates. The photographs below were taken while visiting Jacmel during Carnival on February 3. We’re working on several projects in Haiti for the coming issues of the magazine, and these are just photographs that I saw and that I couldn’t help taking while I was there.

man banjo snakes jacmel haiti 2013

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cine institue jacmel haiti

jacmel haiti fishing boats

taptap haiti jacmel

haitian flag beaded

carnival jacmel haiti costumes kanaval 2013

cine institue haiti jacmel

artist haiti

presidents football team jacmel haiti

carnival jacmel haiti little boy kanaval 2013

carnival jacmel haiti costumes kanaval 2013

carnival haiti jacmel crowd 3

carnival haiti jacmel costumes peacock papier-mache kanaval 2013

carnival haiti jacmel girl kanaval 2013

carnival haiti jacmel crowd kanaval 2013

kids carnival jacmel haiti 2013

carnival haiti jacmel kanaval 2013 cosutumes papier-mache

carnival jacmel haiti crowd kanaval 2013

carnival jacmel haiti costumes dragons kanaval 2013 papier-mache

carnival haiti jacmel alligator papier-mache kanaval 2013

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