Adeline Adeline Opening Party

Last week, Pete Miszuk and I co-hosted the opening of Adeline Adeline, a new bike shop on Reade Street in Tribeca. I’ve always been a bit of a bike enthusiast, but my favorite bike is always one that looks as good as it rides, a notion that owner, Julie Hirschfeld, has turned into something of an absolute. The shop is stocked with some of the best looking bikes from England, Germany, Italy and Denmark, and in an array of colors that will match any New Yorker’s personal style. As bicycles increasingly become the transportation mode of choice for New Yorkers, fashionable riding options are no longer of lofty importance. They are an extension of one’s wardrobe, as Threeasfour’s Adi would agree, having been spotted on her white single speed wearing a jacket, pants and boots of the same tone.

Above photo: Camilla Staerk, Barnaby Roper and Peter Miszuk

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With Phil Galitzine from Atomic Tom

Left: Threeasfour Gabi and Adi. Right: co-hosts Julie Ragolia and Pete Miszuk

Left:Tim Goossens, Benjamin Le hay, Lindsay Burka. Right: Carlos Campos, Susan Kirschbaum and guest.

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    Where can i find your magazine in Los Angeles??

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