I Still Love New York

I am actually out in California right now and as a lifelong New Yorker I am sad and wishing I was there and could do more to help. It feels very weird to be in 85 degree-weather while all of this is going on. The overwhelming community feeling within such a big city is so beautiful that it makes me proud(er) to be a New Yorker. I just ordered one of these “I Still Love New York T-Shirts” from Grey Area and Sebastian Errazuriz. I thought they were pretty clever. Also, the proceeds go to relief funds. Win win.

This email just landed in my inbox from photographer Poppy de Villeneuve. It was so good I had to post it:

“So Superstorm Sandy has come and gone. Some of us were lucky enough to go unscathed, while others lost power, water, or worse. Our friend Michelle lives in Rockaway Beach, New York. We didn’t hear from her until three days after the storm, when she left us a message that reminded us how lucky some of us really fared. The following day we traveled to her neighborhood to document the aftermath of the storm and made this short film. Of course there are so many areas in the region experiencing great devastation but we wanted to show that the damage in the Rockaways is extensive and under-reported.”

On a lighter note, I also thought this piece on Gawker was hysterical. Here is to hoping everyone stays safe and warm out there.

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