David Byrne Plays the Building

I know you probably heard about this already, but it’s still going on and it looks pretty amazing. I’m really only bringing it up to say “Damn, David Byrne is still doing amazing stuff after 30 years.” Did you ever see Talking Heads?  Did you know they were one of the best live bands ever?  Well watch this concert from Rome, recorded in 1980, it’s ridiculous.  The guy playing lead guitar is Adrien Belew, who played with everybody- Frank Zappa, Bowie, Paul Simon… amazing.

Playing the Building is at 10 South Street in Manhattan. It’s open Friday through Sunday from Noon to 6pm until August 24th.

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  1. Roi
    Posted July 27, 2008 at 9:49 pm | Permalink

    That Rome show with Adrian Belew is seriously incredible. Although I have to say, ‘Crosseyed and Painless’ is a personal favorite — might be my all-time favorite Talking Heads moment, period.


    Also, with shitty youtube compression, it looks like says ‘Roi’ in the top right corner instead of ‘Rai,’ which is also a plus.

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