Ostalgia Opening

Thursday night was the VIP Preview for the new exhibit opening at the New Museum, Ostalgia. The entire museum was packed, despite a mini-thunderstorm that struck exactly the moment the doors opened. Museum-goers roamed freely throughout the building taking both the staircase and the elevators to check out the exhibit and the party which went all the way from the lobby to the top floor of the building’s roof deck. Named for the German word “ostalgie,” which references nostalgia for the period before the fall of Communism and the dissolution of the Berlin wall, Ostalgia looks at the vast amount of art produced in these countries whose geographic borders were re-drawn and the people whose lives were up-turned. The exhibit itself was overwhelming in its scope, encompassing over twenty artists from over fifty countries featuring sculptures, video installations, live cameras, paintings, mobiles, posters, magazine covers, drawings, dioramas, found objects, dolls, books, photographs and more- making it hard to fully take in everything even within a three hour time frame. Cocktails for the event were provided by Kanon Organic Vodka, who mixed up three signature drinks that went with the Eastern Bloc theme of the exhibition- The Kanon Kremlin, The Siberian Sipper and The Blushing Babushka. All three drinks were light summer concoctions mixed with ingredients like fresh cucumber juice, lemonade, Pellegrino and cranberry juice. After finishing the exhibit, everyone gathered outside on the roof deck to watch the other show going on- the beautiful sunset over Manhattan, made nicer only by the refreshing cocktail in hand.

Ostalgia is on view at theĀ New Museum, 235 Bowery NYC through September 25.

Polaroids taken by the lovely Amanda Carter at MODE PR.

Left: Justin Charles, Katherine Krause and Johnny Misheff. Right: Hannelore Knuts and Victoria Bartlett.

Left: Nessia Pope and Lisa Phillips. Right: Paris Murray, Argento Gelant and Germano Gelant.

Ostalgia Exhibit

Left: Pati Hertling, Alex Hertling, Kate Sutton, Dmitri Vensky. Right: Stephane Rebillard, Mia O’Malley.

Left: Wataru Shimosato, Rui Yokoo. Right: Ryo Miyamoto.

Left: Albie Hueston with guest. Right: Johnny Misheff and Harry Bee.

Left: Tamas Banovich. Right: Paula Naughton, Helen Toomer-Labzda, Andy Cushman, Jeffrey Teuton.

Left: Kanon Bar Atmosphere. Right: Ostalgia Exhibit.

Left: Matt Kays and guest. Right: Tim Goossens and Julie Ragolia.

Left: Emily Taw, Alexandra Nish, Sara O’Keeffe, Elizabeth Bidart. Right: Ryan Mulcock, Jacu Strauss, Matthew Coody.

Left: Kara Greenwald, Amapola Prada and Linton. Right: Miles Freeland

Left: Justin Charles. Right: Jenna Elizabeth, Carol Han.

Left: Ivy Thompson, David Shapiro. Right: David Graver, Jeffrey Keefe, Joseph Reuben and Guest.

Left: Connie Berg, Ingrid Moe. Right: Kanon Bar Atmosphere

Left: Andrew Blazer. Right: Stephanie Dodes.

Left: Charles Atlas and Lucy Sexton. Right: Katherine Krause and Andrew Blazer.

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