On Thursday, Dossier played in the COACD soccer tournament at South Street Seaport with a lineup that included teams from Bloomingdales, Oak, Milk Studios, Lil Frankies, ThreeNYC, Red Bucket Films and East Village Radio and a live performance by Jailbait. We lost to East Village Radio who went on to the finals and was beat by good old Bloomies. The whole gig was sponsored by PumaCity which has more fun events going on this month related to soccer, drinking and dancing in the middle of the day. Thanks to our team for coming out. Clockwise from top left- Micah Reed, Rob Schumann, Andrew Blazer, Erin Dixon, Alec Friedman and Tim Yu. (Not shown: Ithai Schori. ) For a video of the days action and additional images of the festivities click “Read More”.


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