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Escapes From Paradise

At Dossier, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Elle Muliarchyk a number of times on fashion editorials. Each time, the result has been a complex and highly saturated tale—both in color and character. So when Elle wrote me with news of her latest project, “Escapes from Paradise,” with a subject line reading: My most [...]

Tell Me A Story

In San Francisco, one of the most popular things right now is a live story-telling event called Pop-Up Magazine. It has been covered by The New York Times and lots of other national media, so I won’t bore you with too many details, but the gist is this: people come on stage and tell you [...]

Ben Ehrenreich In Conversation

Ben Ehrenreich, born in 1972, is a multifaceted writer: a journalist, critic, and novelist. In his nonfiction he writes knowledgeably, with moral investment and keen insight. He crafts fiction that summons postmodern structures and playfulness just as easily as poignant and soulful expressions of damaged humanity, all the while with prose pulled taught, not a [...]


Purity Ring are very “now”; the young Canadian duo nurtures the essence of independent music today. Their style reflects a smart combination of dreamy bubblegum quirks blended with slick R&B beats that bring to mind fellow electro-pop masterminds like Grimes and Holy Other. Nevertheless, Purity Ring are not in it to follow a trend. Instead, its [...]

Book Of Shadows

Canadian-born, New York-based artist Kayla Guthrie employs a range of formats and techniques to express herself. Moving to New York four years ago after playing in a band since she was a teenager, Guthrie has since interviewed countless artists, written a few books (one derived entirely of found texts) and created a way to make [...]

From the Silence of Duchamp to the Noise of Boys

New York-based artist and writer Michael David Quattlebaum, Jr. will be launching his first book of poetry this Friday at the OHWOW Book Club, followed by a series of readings by the artist, as well as Jack Walls and Stefon Bondell. Quattlebaum, who founded the performance collective No Fear and performs regularly under the alias Mykki [...]

John Giorno’s Pockets

Poet and performance artist John Giorno is many things to many people. It depends on who you talk to. To some, he’s simply lost in translation. The author of Suicide Sutra and Thanks for Nothing is fatalistic, shockingly blunt, incendiary, controversial, and pornographic – according to his critics. His defenders claim the iconic figure in [...]

Small Kings

Small Kings is a selection of black and white photographs shot at Passa Passa, a legendary street bashment in Jamaica. These images were made just a few months before the conflicts in downtown Kingston shut down the party and made Tivoli Gardens, a Kingston neighborhood, headline news around the world. Photographer Alessandro Simonetti and writer [...]

How to Get a Job

I noticed that we had re-tweeted a quote from a cover letter Hunter S. Thompson wrote to go along with a job application and I was curious to read the whole thing. I have never been a big fan of his, but since getting a piece of one of his quotes tattooed on my wrist [...]

Louder Than A Bomb

Chicago’s teen poetry slam, Louder Than A Bomb, just celebrated their 10th anniversary this month, holding the title as the largest teen poetry slam in the country. The documentary about this annual festival, directed by Jon Siskel and Greg Jacobs, just took the Audience Choice Award for best film and the Greg Gund Memorial Standing [...]