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Work it Out

This is Brooklyn-based band Workout‘s newest video from their album Life is a Nightmare. Directed by Dossier contributor Josh Slater, the video sees the band on a cosmic journey from the beginning of time to the end of days. I particularly love the NASA footage from the 80′s.

Slow Friday Animal Videos

On this slow, rainy Friday before the long weekend, the best we have to offer over here is some videos of animals and children. The first is a baby elephant swimming in the ocean for the first time. The second is a crippled lion and his friends, who are wiener dogs. The last one is [...]

Reinterpreting the Ring Cycle

It took Samantha Casolari four days to shoot the four cycles of Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen” (the Ring Cycle) at New York’s famed Metropolitan Opera. Using a Canon 5D Mark II, the Italian-born, New York-based photographer and filmmaker captured the full dress rehearsals with a discerning eye and surreal predisposition. Approximately seven days [...]

Don’t Frack My Mother

Artists Against Fracking has released this video, directed by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Maximilla Lucas, and Tennessee Thomas, to garner support for the anti-fracking movement in New York State. If you want to take action, they ask that you take a minute to tweet it at Governor Cuomo here.

Marina Abromovic and Ulay

Marina Abramovic and Ulay shared an intense love story in the 70′s and 80′s, living together in a van and creating art. Some of Abromovic’s most interesting pieces were collaborations with Uday, including Breathing In/Breathing Out, in which they connected their mouths and took in each other’s exhaled breaths until they had used up all of the [...]

Kinetic Men and Machine

The more I interact with big, multi-national companies, the more I appreciate the ones that are willing to allocate their seemingly limitless resources to truly creative – which can often mean truly weird – enterprises. I came across this video made for Red Bull, using 11 of their athletes, an airplane hanger, a helicopter, and [...]

Starlight, Starbright

The stars shine bright for up-and-comer Kilo Kish, the Orlando-born, Brooklyn-based 22 year old née Lakisha Robinson. Here, in an exclusive video, the celestial flower child discusses finding inspiration in nature, spirituality, what it means to be limitless and how her generation is single-handedly transforming rap from the inside out, DIY style. After releasing tracks in 2012 [...]

You In 1st Place

2 Chainz’s Birthday Song (explicit) and Chairlift’s I Belong In Your Arms (Japanese version) are two videos that have exactly nothing to do with one another except for the fact that they  both came out Thursday and are what I am watching on repeat. Thanks to the help of my friend Alison Mazur, who has made us this [...]

Renegade Raging Grannies

The Raging Grannies are a political action group that started in Canada in 1987. They now have chapters throughout the US and Canada, as well as in Israel, Japan, Greece and the UK. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they have a very strong presence these days in the San Francisco Bay Area. They aim to “shock with unladylike [...]

Here Goes Nothing

Question: What do Oliver Clark, Drake, and this bridge in Idaho all have in common? Answer: This video from the aforementioned designer doing a gainer from a couple weeks ago. Second Question: Why wasn’t I invited? Answer: Have you ever seen me do even so much as a half gainer?