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Reinterpreting the Ring Cycle

It took Samantha Casolari four days to shoot the four cycles of Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen” (the Ring Cycle) at New York’s famed Metropolitan Opera. Using a Canon 5D Mark II, the Italian-born, New York-based photographer and filmmaker captured the full dress rehearsals with a discerning eye and surreal predisposition. Approximately seven days [...]

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

An American, an Irishman, and an Englishman are held captive in the same Lebanese prison cell. In one corner, the American furiously counts off as he performs push-ups, proposing that he and his cellmate condition themselves for physical “competitions.” Opposite him is the Irishman, who recounts a horse race in which an Irish mare won [...]


In an exercise of free association, the word “insect” may incite the following responses: creepy, repulsive, disease-carrying. It is something to swat, squash, kill. These reactions of aversion, fear and neuroses are what one would expect. Certainly, most people wouldn’t find sophistication in an insects movements, admire their fierce sense of community or be amused [...]

American Realness

Starting today, the Abrons Art Center is hosting a ten-day long festival of contemporary performance called American Realness. Combining many different aspects of experimental performance art including dance, traditional theater, drag shows and concerts, the festival has over 46 performances of 20 productions. There is also a bookstore and a pop-up cafe to provide respite [...]

Torpedoed and Revived on Theater Row

burn·ing adjective 1. aflame; on fire. 2. intense; passionate: a burning desire. noun the state, process, sensation, or effect of being on fire, burned, or subjected to intense heat. Both the characters and the actors in Thomas Bradshaw’s newest, and most nuanced play to date, Burning, are aptly on fire. These people respond heatedly to [...]

Three. Two. One. Performa 11

Performa, the visual art performance biennial, is descending upon the city for the first three weeks of November. In its fourth and ever growing iteration, the biennial’s diverse schedule traverses theatre, poetry, comedy, film and music, and includes truly innovative performances. Many are even free while others require an RSVP, and others, paid tickets. Our [...]

Upon My Word

Please join our friends this Friday, March 4 for cocktails and a very special the third performance of Upon My Word at the historic Players Club. More than just a landmark, the Players Club is truly a holdover from a time gone by. Like its neighbor the National Arts Club, the Players Club is a converted gentleman’s club that readily evokes [...]

Upon My Word

Tonight, brave the snow and see a special performance of an original operetta written by Alec Coiro, starring Alexandra Butler, Erica Randlett, Gordon Hull and Nick Kramer, and produced by our friend Erin Krause. Set in Victorian England, the musical follows the manful Lord Alec as he chooses which of two blushing maidens he will make [...]

Sam Rockwell’s Nymphs & Innocents

Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer in the second installment of the Iron Man franchise. Ten years on from his show-stopping performance as a moonwalking maniac in the original Charlie’s Angels movie Sam Rockwell returns to his roots with two familiar roles–one evil and the other innocent–strikingly similar to those that made him a star. In [...]

Big Eater at The Kitchen

Photo by Paula Court Clearly contemporary art can have anything as its subject matter and can execute it in any form. “Big Eater” does just that, situating a performance piece on David Hasselhoff’s demoralizing video, taped by his young daughter, in which he’s eating a hamburger on the ground completely wasted. Through the device of [...]