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Kinetic Men and Machine

The more I interact with big, multi-national companies, the more I appreciate the ones that are willing to allocate their seemingly limitless resources to truly creative – which can often mean truly weird – enterprises. I came across this video made for Red Bull, using 11 of their athletes, an airplane hanger, a helicopter, and [...]

Reclaiming Bentley

Bentley’s Global Mulsanne Drive is a back-roads tour of England’s historic countryside from behind the wheel of Bentley’s Grand-Tourer flagship, the Mulsanne (pronounced Mul-saan). Dossier was invited to take part by our friends at Syndicate Media, along with several other journalists from comparably successful but definitively independent, niche publications. The unreasonably extravagant itinerary included tea at the [...]

Skydive from Space

On Sunday, Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian daredevil (what an amazing job title, “daredevil”) broke the record for the highest skydive when he jumped from a capsule 24 miles high, at the edge of space. Wearing a specially pressurized suit, he reached a top speed of 834 miles per hour, breaking the sound barrier. The video [...]

Endless Summer

You may have been inside watching the Olympics this past week, or you might have been among the hundreds of thousands of fans that descended upon Huntington Beach for the Nike U.S. Open of Surfing. Considering surfing is still not an Olympic sport and most of the competitions happen in pretty remote places, the Open [...]


All I ever hear is how print is dying. I imagine myself stuck in a time warp while the rest of the world twitters and I listen to Biggie and Nirvana happily flipping magazine pages. Add a beaded curtain to that fantasy just for fun. When people ask me why we started Dossier as a [...]

Women’s World Cup Finals

See goalkeeper Hope Solo—pictured above in a recent Nike campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz—and the rest of the US National team compete against Japan in the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final today at 2:45 EST on ESPN.

The Eighties At Echo Beach

I’m sure the heat has something to do with it, but it seems like everyone’s thinking, talking, and doing the surf thing these days. Nike 6.0 just released their all-women’s surf film, Leave a Message, available for streaming and as a free download on their website. Saturdays, the Crosby St. surf shop, had their t-shirts [...]

Surf n Turf

Living in the present, yet looking towards the future is the way I like to live -especially if we’re hitting April, and it’s still freezing out. To put it simply: It’s been a long, harsh winter, and I can’t stay inside, curled up on the couch, watching movies any longer, so when someone invites me [...]

Nike Training Club

Most of my friends know me as a crazy person who loves to work out. My personal motto is “Pay to Play” and because I love to eat and drink, I take it very seriously. I can be very excessive with those hobbies, so if I’m going to enjoy good food and lots of drinks, [...]

Ari Marcopoulos Surfboard

I love art on objects. Recently, I am also fascinated by surfing. Enter here art on a surfboard, in the form of the “Ari Biscuit.” Designed by Ari Marcolpolous, the limited-edition board (produced in ten numbered editions) is a special collaboration between the artist and ZED Surf of Byron Bay. The project is curated by [...]