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The Last Pictures

A few days ago, Creative Time launched The Last Pictures, an archival disc created by artist Trevor Paglen, into outer space, where it will orbit the earth, affixed to the exterior of the communications satellite EchoStar XVI, maybe forever (or close to it). Paglen, who works with sound, video and installation, selected 100 photographs to represent human [...]

Skydive from Space

On Sunday, Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian daredevil (what an amazing job title, “daredevil”) broke the record for the highest skydive when he jumped from a capsule 24 miles high, at the edge of space. Wearing a specially pressurized suit, he reached a top speed of 834 miles per hour, breaking the sound barrier. The video [...]

Ride, Sally Ride

When I was very little I wanted to be a dentist, because my dentist, Dr. Doktor, was so nice. But once I moved beyond that, what I really wanted to be was an astronaut. I dreamed about being an astronaut for most of my childhood, even after I watched the Challenger blow up, right up [...]

Human Evolution 2.0

“If men cease to believe that they will one day become gods then they will surely become worms.” – Henry Miller Technology is an evolutionary force, sling-shooting the species forward as never before. We are fast approaching a new renaissance, an age of wonder and radical possibility. A recent essay from NextNature entitled EntryParadise spoke about [...]

Heavy Rays

Its happy space out time. Take a 15 minute trip into unknown landscapes and structures with our friend and Dossier collaborator Josh Slater. So sit back, relax, and strap on your seatbelt. You’ve never been on a ride like this before, with a producer who can rap and control the maestro. Original score by Sahra Motalebi.

Chris Jordan: The Midway Atoll

This is not an assemblage, it is an albatross that died after eating debris its parents mistook for food. The phenomenon is common in the garbage-choked Midway Atoll where thousands of such corpses appear yearly. The photographer, Chris Jordan, captured these transfixing images just as he found them. See more on the NYRblog, or read [...]

A Still More Glorious Dawn…

Third Man Records is a Nashville-based label set up by The White Stripes’ Jack White. Their expressed mission includes the promotion of vinyl records, alongside novel digital formats. In a kind of weird meshing of ideas, they will release a 7” single of the song “A Glorious Dawn“ by John Boswell, which was a bit [...]

Snow Monkeys Washing Potatoes

I came across this wonderful clip from BBC’s Life on Earth from 1979, featuring a young David Attenborough, while searching for samples of Edward Williams music for the program, which has recently been released for the first time by Trunk Records.


A fascinating article on the sex lives of seahorses in The Guardian today.  Above is Jean Painlevé’s brilliant The Seahorse (1934).  In this version Painlevé’s enthusiastic scientific-poetic narration is replaced with a soundtrack by Current 93.  I prefer the original but still worth watching.

Great robot: DASH

Thank you Filip Tyden.