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Reinterpreting the Ring Cycle

It took Samantha Casolari four days to shoot the four cycles of Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen” (the Ring Cycle) at New York’s famed Metropolitan Opera. Using a Canon 5D Mark II, the Italian-born, New York-based photographer and filmmaker captured the full dress rehearsals with a discerning eye and surreal predisposition. Approximately seven days [...]

You, Legend

Keating Sherwin operates out of a studio in Brooklyn with ceilings tall enough to stack two or three medium-sized paintings up the wall and windows large enough for the light to spill in. Two pieces of white drapery hang from the ceiling, bunched at the waist just above the horizontal lines of the panes. Like [...]


This past June, staple fashion retailer Totokaelo opened its doors with a new storefront seven times the size of its predecessor. The expanded, multi-level space, located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, showcases such iconic designers as Jil Sander, Rick Owens, Martin Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto and Ann Demeulemeester, alongside future classics such as Mary [...]

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

An American, an Irishman, and an Englishman are held captive in the same Lebanese prison cell. In one corner, the American furiously counts off as he performs push-ups, proposing that he and his cellmate condition themselves for physical “competitions.” Opposite him is the Irishman, who recounts a horse race in which an Irish mare won [...]

The Measured Anarchist

Yun-Fei Ji is a Chinese-born painter who lives and works in Brooklyn. Raised largely by his grandmother during China’s Cultural Revolution, Ji found himself enchanted by his bedtime ghost stories, later using them as devices for moral commentary. The ghostly characters of Ji’s paintings are perpetually lost; they move across scrolls of rice and mulberry paper [...]


Purity Ring are very “now”; the young Canadian duo nurtures the essence of independent music today. Their style reflects a smart combination of dreamy bubblegum quirks blended with slick R&B beats that bring to mind fellow electro-pop masterminds like Grimes and Holy Other. Nevertheless, Purity Ring are not in it to follow a trend. Instead, its [...]


In an exercise of free association, the word “insect” may incite the following responses: creepy, repulsive, disease-carrying. It is something to swat, squash, kill. These reactions of aversion, fear and neuroses are what one would expect. Certainly, most people wouldn’t find sophistication in an insects movements, admire their fierce sense of community or be amused [...]

Art in Wonderland

I heard a story that Frieze Director Amanda Sharp found Randall’s Island on Google Earth – the perfect location to introduce New York to the art wonderland she created with Matthew Slotover almost a decade ago in London. It was a clever move to have visitors leave the main island by ferry or school buses to [...]

The Wild & The Innocent

When photographer Jordan Sullivan returned to New York City after spending 12 months in “middle-of-nowhere Texas,” working construction in the land of ranches and wide-open places, the urban setting proffered a profound jolt, placing him on a new path of artistic investigation. “I wanted to explore our relationship with nature at a time when I [...]

Hergé: The Man Who Created Tintin

Tintin is a god to me. Surely this imaginary globetrotter seems real to most of us. He is also the most beloved of all comic-book heros worldwide – except in America, where he is inevitably confused with the dog, Rin Tin Tin - as well as the first literary boho “backpacker.” Too, Tintin’s second book, Tintin [...]