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Don’t Frack My Mother

Artists Against Fracking has released this video, directed by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Maximilla Lucas, and Tennessee Thomas, to garner support for the anti-fracking movement in New York State. If you want to take action, they ask that you take a minute to tweet it at Governor Cuomo here.

Cyprien Gaillard at Fondazione Nicola Trussardi

In his first solo exhibition in Italy, Rubble and Revelation at Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Cyprien Gaillard presents a visual hypothesis about death and decay, power and permanence. Training his nomadic eye on present-day monuments in various states of decline and impotence, he documents their journeys, jumbling videos, photographs, sounds and objects in the manner of [...]

Women of Style + Substance

This morning I attended a breakfast fundraiser for Women Care Global. I must admit, I was not familiar with WCG and I was intrigued to gather some information at the event. Instead of a traditional not-for-profit business model, WCG actually sells and distributes different forms of birth control to be able to support their initiatives, [...]

You Don’t Own Me

This amazing PSA directed towards women voters went out today. It features women such as Miranda July, Lena Dunham, Tennessee Thomas, and Sarah Sophie Flicker lip-syncing to You Don’t Own Me. For something so simple, I found it strangely, deeply moving. It may have been the sobering statistics it features about the future of women’s reproductive freedom [...]

Renegade Raging Grannies

The Raging Grannies are a political action group that started in Canada in 1987. They now have chapters throughout the US and Canada, as well as in Israel, Japan, Greece and the UK. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they have a very strong presence these days in the San Francisco Bay Area. They aim to “shock with unladylike [...]

What Even Is Life

The first time I was introduced to the trio of babes from Crazy White Bitches was when my friend Lea Colombo shot her editorial I Must Confess I still Believe for us in March of this year. Since then I’ve developed a fascination that could only be rooted in jealousy – and with every blog entry [...]

A Private Solitude Made Public – In Conversation With Joana Kohen

Joana Kohen is an artist from Istanbul, Turkey. Her intense and whimsical work focuses on acute consideration of the self, conveying different disciplines of commentary. Having studied fashion design at Marangoni Institute of Milan and contemporary art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, her multilingual and multiethnic environment give her a unique perspective on life. She will be [...]

D4D and OHWOW Present The Pocket Guide to Politics

With campaigning for the 2012 general election well under way, Downtown for Democracy, the political action committee established during the 2004 elections, is back. Aimed at motivating and engaging the creative community to political action, the organization has begun this cycle’s crusade with the publication of a 75-page civics primer. D4D and OHWOW Present: The [...]

Posting One’s Self

Few of us enjoy the annual ritual of mailing our annual income taxes into the Feds. For Dustin Grella, getting a letter in the mail can be a literal drag. Grella, an artist and a C-7 quadriplegic who resides in Tribeca, has been mailing himself a letter daily for the past 10 years. The letters, [...]

Obama Sings Al Green

Obama made an appearance at the Apollo last night for a fundraiser, also attended by Al Green. Channeling the Reverend, the President sang a few lines of Let’s Stay Together. It reminded me why I liked Obama so much four years ago.