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Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn-bred novelist, artist and philosopher Henry Miller was likewise disparaged and lauded for his alternative moral code. Judgments to which he responded, in his 1934 novel Tropic of Capricorn, “The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” In his attempt to “live,” Miller [...]

Coachella Saguaro Revelries, Take One

Out in Palm Springs, Dossier spent the first weekend of Coachella at the Saguaro Hotel. The usually laid-back property took it up a notch with parties hosted by Sky Ferreira for Forever 21, A Club Called Rhonda for Revolve Clothing, Harley Viera-Newton, Agyness Deyn and Henry Holland. These photos by Doug Neill offer a snapshot of the weekend, and a [...]

Eyes Wide Wider

We at Dossier are very pleased to premiere the music video Eyes Wide Wider (Baleriac Edit) by the band Tempers, here for you on Valentine’s Day. This video also signals the directorial debut for our friend Kalika Farmer, well-known for her work with the contemporary arts festival New/Age held once a year in the Berkshires. [...]

Post-Miami Musings

The last, and likely only, time Miami received praise from the high-fashion establishment, it came from the late Gianni Versace, who declared in the 1980s, “Here in Miami, I finally found what I was looking: the center of my circle.” However, if our experience earlier this month at the 12th annual Art Basel Miami Beach [...]

Dossier x Westway at Art Basel Miami

If you are in Miami, then you are probably in a good mood. You are probably being invited to lots of parties left and right. You might be riding on a scooter while reading this or sipping a drink that has egg whites in it. Or, you might actually work in the art world. Either [...]

Endless Summer

You may have been inside watching the Olympics this past week, or you might have been among the hundreds of thousands of fans that descended upon Huntington Beach for the Nike U.S. Open of Surfing. Considering surfing is still not an Olympic sport and most of the competitions happen in pretty remote places, the Open [...]

We Will Always Love You

The older you get, the more the icons of your childhood become real people, suffering from the inevitable passage of time; a normal thing for everyday folk, but shocking when those you worshiped and idolized as a kid get old, gain weight, or even die. This weekend, when Whitney Houston passed away all too early [...]

The Cilo at The Grand Street Bakery

A welcome departure from the standard holiday festivities, The Grand Street Bakery marks the debut of The Cilo at The Bakery with tonight’s opening party. Situated in the back room of the bakery, which used to house a flour cilo, The Cilo expands The Bakery’s inspired mix of new and vintage clothing, homewares and trinkets [...]

The Living Ruins of the Uranian Phalanstery

The current vogue for “ruin porn” – the sensationalized and aestheticized images of dereliction and decay – was on our minds when Salome Oggenfuss and I visited the Uranian Phalanstery on a hot and humid day last September. Salome had heard from a colleague about two decrepit old interconnected brownstones on East 4th St, between [...]

WhaiWhai: The Pegleg

When I was in grade school, New York City was heralded as the world’s “melting pot,” an anthropomorphic melding of cultures. Today, word is that teachers have moved onto a “salad” analogy, arguing that while the various human ingredients harmoniously mix and mingle, they retain their separate identities. Whichever school you subscribe to, one of [...]