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Dossier x Space 15 Twenty’s Bazaaaaar

To celebrate global fashion and the African continent, in particular, we’ve teamed up with Urban Outfitter’s Space 15 Twenty for a month-long pop-up shop in Hollywood, titled BAZAAAAAR. Beyond our general support of global fashion, our soon-to-debut Spring/Summer 2013 issue features a portfolio of notable fashion brands either based or producing in Africa. Covering a [...]

New in Stock in Stock Photography

For the last three weeks post-internet fashion mag DIS has camped out in art-world-baby Suzanne Geiss Company’s downtown gallery. The collob between the former, a mix of well to do fashion names (Patrik Sandberg, David Toro, Solomon Chase) and hipster artists (Fatima Al Qadiri, Nick Scholl) and Geiss’s company, trendy in its own right, has [...]

Dossier x Westway at Art Basel Miami

If you are in Miami, then you are probably in a good mood. You are probably being invited to lots of parties left and right. You might be riding on a scooter while reading this or sipping a drink that has egg whites in it. Or, you might actually work in the art world. Either [...]

Tell Me A Story

In San Francisco, one of the most popular things right now is a live story-telling event called Pop-Up Magazine. It has been covered by The New York Times and lots of other national media, so I won’t bore you with too many details, but the gist is this: people come on stage and tell you [...]

What’s Your Name When You’re At Home?

In South East Portland, Oregon is a beautiful turn of the century brick building that used to employ hundreds of female workers as laundresses before people could afford personal washing machines in their homes. Eventually, after the plant closed sometime in the 1950′s, the building was dead space. In 2008, seeing the beauty of this [...]

Sarah Sophie Flicker

When the legendary Paper Magazine editor-in-chief Kim Hastreiter first introduced me to The Citizens Band creative director Sarah Sophie Flicker in 2008—just before Sarah Sophie took to the stage for an awe-inspiring performance at The Box in New York City—I reckon my fellow dinnermates were unaware of the massive willpower I wielded so as to withhold [...]

Luck You Workshop

Last summer the New York based creative collective Luck You hosted a series of weekly workshops at Colette in Paris. Subjects ranged from silkscreening to lo-fi music composition, wheatpasting, and zines. This Saturday they will reintroduce the zine workshop at their Chinatown studio from. Materials are provided, but participants can bring any supplies they want. There are [...]

She’s Ready To Dance When The Vamp Up, And When She Hit That Dip Get Your Camera

Azealia Banks is everywhere. Did you see that shoot that’s in Dossier? Did you hear that new track, Jumanji? In the spirit of summer and excess and hype, here are some outtakes from our shoot with Michael Flores of the young Rapunzel taking off a pair of sunglasses. Don’t be a Kool Aid dude, one-two. [...]

Issue #9 is Almost Here!

This is a little teaser video provided by Andrew Kuykendall from the shoot he did in Palm Springs with the insanely beautiful Ashely Smith for the new issue of


All I ever hear is how print is dying. I imagine myself stuck in a time warp while the rest of the world twitters and I listen to Biggie and Nirvana happily flipping magazine pages. Add a beaded curtain to that fantasy just for fun. When people ask me why we started Dossier as a [...]