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Thug Life

Confession: I read quite a few vegan/health-oriented food blogs. Most of them are written by young, beautiful women who talk about making Kimchi from scratch when you happen to find yourself with ten minutes and some extra cabbage. The photography on these websites is typically stunning, with perfect plates arranged on vintage linens or thick [...]

If Celebrities Moved to Oklahoma

I don’t think these photos of celebrities as they would look in Oklahoma are meant to be anything more than funny, but they feel like an unintentionally poignant commentary on fame. Many of these people originally became famous for something, but over time many have just morphed into being famous for being famous. I like [...]

Eyes Wide Wider

We at Dossier are very pleased to premiere the music video Eyes Wide Wider (Baleriac Edit) by the band Tempers, here for you on Valentine’s Day. This video also signals the directorial debut for our friend Kalika Farmer, well-known for her work with the contemporary arts festival New/Age held once a year in the Berkshires. [...]


I first discovered Telfar Clemens, the 28 year old Liberian-raised, New York-bred fashion designer, online. Clemens launched his eponymously titled brand, Telfar, in 2005 as a progressive attempt to deconstruct traditionalism in fashion, specifically targeting commercialism and brand dissemination. Since then he has pushed out sixteen collections (two ironically under an American Apparel diffusion line, [...]

Brave New World

Do you know the difference between a niche celebrity and a micro-celebrity? Do you even know what either one is? Sarah Austin, a niche celebrity herself, took to the streets of Manhattan recently to ask people if they knew the distinctions, with not much success. Most of the people she asked didn’t seem to know [...]

Feast of Burden on MOCAtv

I first encountered artist Eugene Kotlyarenko about four years ago at a film shoot in Los Angeles. We were both playing extras in a music video for The Like, and our job was to dress like cute 60s kids and dance around the bar while the band played. There were dozens of us, but Euegene [...]

Tell Me A Story

In San Francisco, one of the most popular things right now is a live story-telling event called Pop-Up Magazine. It has been covered by The New York Times and lots of other national media, so I won’t bore you with too many details, but the gist is this: people come on stage and tell you [...]

Michael David Murphy In Conversation

“This is a picture I did not take of the most optimistic homeless man in America, spare changing at the Fox News-sponsored ‘Tea Party’ in Atlanta on April 15, rattling his empty cup as hundreds passed-by and grimaced at the sight of him approaching, trying to avoid meeting his smiling face, clenching their car keys [...]

You In 1st Place

2 Chainz’s Birthday Song (explicit) and Chairlift’s I Belong In Your Arms (Japanese version) are two videos that have exactly nothing to do with one another except for the fact that they  both came out Thursday and are what I am watching on repeat. Thanks to the help of my friend Alison Mazur, who has made us this [...]

What Even Is Life

The first time I was introduced to the trio of babes from Crazy White Bitches was when my friend Lea Colombo shot her editorial I Must Confess I still Believe for us in March of this year. Since then I’ve developed a fascination that could only be rooted in jealousy – and with every blog entry [...]