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Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn-bred novelist, artist and philosopher Henry Miller was likewise disparaged and lauded for his alternative moral code. Judgments to which he responded, in his 1934 novel Tropic of Capricorn, “The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” In his attempt to “live,” Miller [...]

Michael David Murphy In Conversation

“This is a picture I did not take of the most optimistic homeless man in America, spare changing at the Fox News-sponsored ‘Tea Party’ in Atlanta on April 15, rattling his empty cup as hundreds passed-by and grimaced at the sight of him approaching, trying to avoid meeting his smiling face, clenching their car keys [...]

Let Them Eat KK

If you like “powdered wigs, bitchy dicta and off-translations” you might like Let Them Eat KK, a project by Matt Fishbeck of Holy Shit and director Patrick Kwon. The duo created a series of posters in an edition of five that include hand-drawn illustrations, bits of text, autographs and other things they liked. After playing [...]

The Measured Anarchist

Yun-Fei Ji is a Chinese-born painter who lives and works in Brooklyn. Raised largely by his grandmother during China’s Cultural Revolution, Ji found himself enchanted by his bedtime ghost stories, later using them as devices for moral commentary. The ghostly characters of Ji’s paintings are perpetually lost; they move across scrolls of rice and mulberry paper [...]

What’s Your Name When You’re At Home?

In South East Portland, Oregon is a beautiful turn of the century brick building that used to employ hundreds of female workers as laundresses before people could afford personal washing machines in their homes. Eventually, after the plant closed sometime in the 1950′s, the building was dead space. In 2008, seeing the beauty of this [...]

A Private Solitude Made Public – In Conversation With Joana Kohen

Joana Kohen is an artist from Istanbul, Turkey. Her intense and whimsical work focuses on acute consideration of the self, conveying different disciplines of commentary. Having studied fashion design at Marangoni Institute of Milan and contemporary art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, her multilingual and multiethnic environment give her a unique perspective on life. She will be [...]

Jeffrey Lewis

Born and raised in New York, Jeffrey Lewis leads a double-life, as both an illustrator and a singer songwriter. Both his music and comics are permeated by earnest storytelling and often self-depreciating confessions of his many adventures in the world, from heartbreaks to homeless nights on tour. In his self-published comic book series “Fuff” he [...]

Watermelon Mouse

Watermelon Mouse was created by Oliver Clark and is a product of his complex, insightful, inspired brain. Tune in regularly for more installments.

Music and Murals

Jess Rotter is an illustrator who lives in Brooklyn. Not only does she run a successful t-shirt line, producing shirts with her own illustrations based on vintage record covers, but she is also the head of publicity at the music label Mexican Summer. Through her job, she travels to shows and music festivals around the [...]

Rotter & Friends x Dossier

Dossier‘s most recent issue features T. Cole Rachel in conversation with the legendary Stevie Nicks. In the interview, among other things, Stevie talks about the long-running NYC event Night of a 1000 Stevies, a costume ball full of ethereal Stevie Nicks gypsies. To accompany the feature, Brooklyn-based illustrator Jess Rotter has collaborated with Dossier through [...]