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Thug Life

Confession: I read quite a few vegan/health-oriented food blogs. Most of them are written by young, beautiful women who talk about making Kimchi from scratch when you happen to find yourself with ten minutes and some extra cabbage. The photography on these websites is typically stunning, with perfect plates arranged on vintage linens or thick [...]

East End Art

There is so much good art in the Hamptons this summer, you have no excuse not to go check it all out. Labor Day might be just around the corner, but there is plenty of time to see some of the excellent exhibitions and events going on across the East End of Long Island. For [...]

Jonas à La Carte

It was the evening when Venus and Jupiter were perfectly aligned and reached its closest point to the human eye. I was getting ready for dinner with the “godfather” of American avant-garde cinema – Jonas Mekas. Filmmaker, poet and curator, Mekas is a living monument. He fled his native Lithuania at age 22, trying to [...]

Sugar On Your Tongue

First it was cupcakes. Then it was ice cream, followed by macarons. But the latest trend in desserts, namely the lowly popsicle, reaches its apex with these delicious-looking concoctions by Stoyn, a Russian “independent ambient advertising agency” based just outside of Moscow. The group describes these brilliant popsicles as a “design experiment” made in Russia [...]

Sweet As Sugar

The University of California, Berkeley’s School of Journalism is currently working on a project to redesign the nutrition facts food label affixed to prepackaged foods across the country. The competition is informal, but the visual concepts presented may make their way into the US Food and Drug Administration’s current revamping of the label and its [...]

Vegan is the New Black

In my experience, when people think of vegans, they think of smug, skinny hipsters who basically have eating disorders. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was nine and to not eat meat in a culture centered around hamburgers is tough enough, but to then not eat pizza is just separatist. That being said, these days [...]

Happy Easter!

I had no idea, probably because I am partial to the Cadbury Creme Egg but Easter Peeps are kind of a thing. The website seriouseats has tons of different ideas for what to do with the little buggers such as deep fried-peeps, homemade peeps and my favorite, peepshi. (Peeps + Sushi= Peepshi.) Also equally amazing, The [...]

Chocolate & I

February is way cooler than January. Yeah, it is freezing, but it is the shortest month and it comes just after everyone has done their New Year exercise-binging and swearing off carbs and alcohol and all that, which means it is time to eat chocolate.  Today is the first day of Chocolate and I, a [...]

The Wright at the Guggenheim

Tuesday night the Guggenheim opened it’s new restaurant, The Wright, for a press preview.  Andre Kikoski’s design takes its form from the mother structure, draping the 1,600-sq-foot room in clean layered curves.  Enlivening this is a sculpture of mod-colored aluminum bars by Liam Gillick, which gives a vivid, linear counterpoint to the swerving walls.  Gillick’s [...]

Apartamento in Tokyo

The editorial team of Apartamento – an “everyday life interiors magazine” from Spain – is currently in Japan, and just finished hosting a series of lunch sessions called “tasca, everyday life recipes” in Tokyo. The sessions were held in the art bookstore Utrecht, where the magazine just launched their fourth issue. For five days, the [...]