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Juliet Knuth in Conversation

This past winter, Pratt Institute’s senior painting students suffered an immeasurable loss of their work when an electrical fire burned down their studio space. At the time, these artists were working on their thesis shows, many of which were destroyed. This unimaginable scenario initially seemed devastating and yet it proved to be a surprising catalyst [...]

The Portrait Machine Project

Carlo van de Roer has spent the last several years photographing people with an aura camera. Developed in the 1970′s by an American scientist, the attempt is to record what a psychic might see. The subject is connected to the modified Polaroid Land camera by sensors measuring electromagnetic biofeedback. Readings are generated, which are translated into a [...]

The Wild West

Rachel Libeskind recently dreamed that her teeth were dissolving in her mouth, coming out every time she tried to breathe “life puffs of dust.” For those familiar with Rachel’s work, it should come as no surprise that she has anxiety-ridden dreams. In fact, it’s impossible to ignore the similarities between her dream and the title [...]

E-Thay Inward-Yay Ourney-Jay

The emerging artist Dan Finsel initially developed his new body of work by performing exercises found in the 1974 book The Inward Journey/Art as Therapy for You. This work is on view now in his linguistically deconstructed show, E-Thay Inward-Yay Ourney-Jay. Although Finsel developed the works’ symbology through the exercises he performed, the aesthetics of the [...]

Catherine Opie

Catherine Opie’s current exhibition at Regen Projects in Los Angeles shows a marked progression and change in the artist’s work. Though Opie is best known for her portraiture of LGBT subjects, this show includes portraits as well as landscapes (which she has produced in the past, notably in her freeway series) visibly engaged in psychology [...]

Crystal Dyer in Conversation

Crystal Dyer’s studio is made up of a several small rooms, one leading into the next like a series of dimly lit caves. The ceilings are low and many of the walls are ripped up, exposing puffy insulation and thick metal wires. A large black sheet of peeling wallpaper hangs off the wall; this is [...]

Llyn Foulkes

A long overdue retrospective of Llyn Foulkes is currently on view at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Foulkes, himself based in Los Angeles, is a compelling and significant yet under-recognized contemporary artist, and this extensive retrospective consists of 140 works spanning the breadth of Foulkes’ career. Although Foulkes had a solo exhibit in 1961 [...]

Mike Brodie

At 17 Mike Brodie hopped his first train close to his home in Pensacola, FL thinking he would visit a friend in Mobile, AL. Instead the train went in the opposite direction to Jacksonville, FL. Days later, Brodie rode the same train home, arriving back where he started. Brodie began to wander across the U.S. [...]

Now On View: Norwood and Underline Present

The dialogue between man and the space he inhabits is not a new one. It’s been a source of artistic tension and social critique since, well, the awareness of the relationship first occurred. While on a personal level, the archetypally-charged theme seems very middle school English reading list, it does pose relevant when you take [...]

Lauren Elder, Amalia Ulman and Parker Ito

Steve Turner is currently presenting two separate exhibitions in each of their galleries. Although the exhibits are of different kinda of work, they share a commonality beyond physical distance. Both exhibits start with a strong conceptual base and inject elements of camp into the actual work, and both are collaborative efforts to one extent or [...]