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Mr. Clean

This was published last year but I was re-reading it again today and it just made me laugh so hard. Especially because I have been known to listen to pop music in my kitchen at times. I also just love the line about spoons. What is that even about? Anyway, in case you missed it, [...]

Reinterpreting the Ring Cycle

It took Samantha Casolari four days to shoot the four cycles of Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen” (the Ring Cycle) at New York’s famed Metropolitan Opera. Using a Canon 5D Mark II, the Italian-born, New York-based photographer and filmmaker captured the full dress rehearsals with a discerning eye and surreal predisposition. Approximately seven days [...]

If Celebrities Moved to Oklahoma

I don’t think these photos of celebrities as they would look in Oklahoma are meant to be anything more than funny, but they feel like an unintentionally poignant commentary on fame. Many of these people originally became famous for something, but over time many have just morphed into being famous for being famous. I like [...]

Creepy Easter Bunnies

Wishing you a happy Easter by way of some of the strangest and creepiest Easter Bunny photos ever. My personal favorites continue below. You can also visit Happy Place for an extended gallery complete with snarky comments. Click “Read More” for additional images.

A Point of View

In 2009, media theorist Laurence A. Rickels wrote a piece on True Blood for Art Forum. This interest in transgressive, contemporaneous subject matter is present in his art collection as well. Recently, 122 works from his collection were gifted to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, including many outstanding works on paper and [...]

Post-Miami Musings

The last, and likely only, time Miami received praise from the high-fashion establishment, it came from the late Gianni Versace, who declared in the 1980s, “Here in Miami, I finally found what I was looking: the center of my circle.” However, if our experience earlier this month at the 12th annual Art Basel Miami Beach [...]

Help Bring Food to Rockaway

I spent the day yesterday bringing hot food out to Rockaway with friends. I know many of you have been out there, but for those of you who haven’t, the scale of the damage cannot be overstated. I have been to similarly ravaged places, but they were third world countries, not 15 miles from Manhattan. [...]

I Still Love New York

I am actually out in California right now and as a lifelong New Yorker I am sad and wishing I was there and could do more to help. It feels very weird to be in 85 degree-weather while all of this is going on. The overwhelming community feeling within such a big city is so [...]

Grass Roots Hurricane Relief

As reports start to come in that train service and electricity are being restored to some parts of Manhattan, it is important that we don’t forget communities like Staten Island, The Rockaways, Brighton Beach, Coney Island and Red Hook that were all deeply affected and are still in states of emergency. The good news is [...]

Far Rockaways Emergency Help

As many of you know, the Far Rockaways have been wrecked: entire families have lost their homes, business have been torn away and the whole boardwalk literally ripped off. The situation is desperate but nevertheless being somewhat ignored by mainstream media, so people are working at the grass roots to help all the families and [...]