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Julia Leach In Conversation

One of my primary interests when profiling people for Dossier has always been those who do multiple things and somehow manage to do them well. A few months ago I met Julia Leach at Wieden and Kennedy, where she works as a creative director. I knew that she had come there from Kate Spade, where [...]

Ladies Night

The gender disparity of DJ culture is nothing new. What is new is that consistently more and more women are joining the ranks of the top elite DJs. Enter Liaison Femme, a creative collective compromised exclusively of female DJs such as Venus X, Mia Moretti, Sam Ronson, Creep, Gina Turner, Louisahhh, DJ Kiss, Jasmine Solano, [...]

Everybody Loves Urs

In the art world, the site of construction is commonly a guarded one, kept far from the immaculacy of the site of presentation. This custom does not entirely hold true in the retrospective of Urs Fischer held at Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA. This dichotomy in fact is prevalent in the site both [...]

The New Guard

“I don’t think I exploded onto the scene. It’s definitely been hard work.” Christopher Esber is something of a rising star. While the expression appears a devastating, hopeless cliché, in Esber’s case it’s very much true – the 25-year-old designer grows more luminous with each collection. At just 23 he made his Mercedes Benz Australian [...]

This is The End

Salt Lake City gets a bad rap. Weak beer, guns galore, Brigham Young and his many wives – you’ve heard the reports. Still, it’s a place that tends to produce some very interesting and talented people. I met Cody Comrie in the summer of 2008, and he introduced me to his brother Michael Comrie soon [...]

La Fábrica: Barcelona’s Architectural Gem

The legendary La Fábrica in Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona is an architectural “tour de force” to be reckoned with, and a definite must-see when visiting the Spanish city. Without a doubt, this cement factory conversion, authorized by well renowned architect Ricardo Bofill, is one of the most impressive examples of adaptive architectural reuse ever seen. [...]

American Pie

This is such a weird, thoroughly American story. In 1962, modernist architect Richard Neutra designed a visitors’ center for the Gettysburg site, where the Civil War’s most infamous battle was fought – and many say the war was won. The entire area is a major tourist attraction, with hundreds of historical buildings, including a working [...]

Rock and A Hard Place

American artist Trisha Baga’s contribution to MoMA PS1’s exhibition New Pictures of Common Objects can only be experienced by two viewers at a time — there are just two sets of anaglyph glasses. Without the glasses, the exhibit, titled Hard Rock, consisting of lo-fi video featuring khaki-clad hikers and penguins exploring an ambiguous stretch of desert land, [...]

Soul Food

Even from outside, you are thanked for your appearance at the new Los Angeles restaurant where “Thank You For Coming” is emblazoned across the front windows. Thank You For Coming is an experimental food and art space with a rotation of artists (and musicians) that participate in month-long residencies creating a collaborative space within the [...]

Born in The U.S.A

When most native New Yorkers leave New York City for a considerably smaller midwestern city, you think that either they will live a quiet, simple life planting gardens and such, or they will just move back. A few years ago, when Kat McMillan and her husband Mac (a Minnesota native) left their Soho apartment and [...]